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Extra Curricular Activities

Physical Education

The department of Physical Education organizes various games and sports activities all year round for the students. The College is divided into four houses namely Hercules, Centaurus, Orion, and Omega. The students are trained to compete in the college, district and state level sports events. All the four houses compete with each other during inter house matches on the annual Sports Day. Special events are held for the faculty and administrative staff. The College is a recognized “Talent Development center” of the Sports Authority of Tamilnadu.

NSS – National Service Scheme

NSS is involved in serving the nation through active participation in educating he urban public and rural masses in environmental concerns, public health, population regulation and in bringing about an awareness of social issues which are detrimental to the well being of the country.

Two units of hundred each are under operation in this scheme in the college. NSS volunteers meet twice a week to work on well-planned activities under the guidance of the Programme Officer. They also interact whenever possible with volunteers of other units in different colleges.

An annual two-week is organized to implement a specific project in rural areas. Selected NSS volunteers get opportunities to attend national level camps like integration camps, trekking camps, mountaineering camps and Republic Day camps.

NCC – National Cadet Corps.

NCC was indroduced in the year 2000 [ARMY WING][. Girls 5(TN)Bn:52 nos. Boys 2(TN) Battery:50 nos. The units aim to make the right use of the energy in the youth by shaping students with strong character and values.


Fine Arts club encourages students with special talents to exhibit their skills in various competitions held inside and outside our college. Many students have participated in this had have won many prizes.Mrs.Poornima Raichel of Maths department is Incharge of this club.


The college organizes chapel service every Wednesday at 8.45 am for the Christian faculty and students. Others are also welcome to attend it. Special retreats, devotional meetings, and thanksgiving prayer meetings for Christian faculty and students are organized regularly.


Most of the social problems find their roots in the deterioration of moral values in the younger generation. We understand this problem and thus hold regular Value Education Classes. These classes taken by able facult y stress on the moral values, Which help to keep the society intact.


Beyond the classroom settings and academics, the student requires individual attention for day to day issues. This is taken care of by the Advisor-Advisee scheme which ensures that the entire student body is divided into smaller groups and is entrusted to the care of one particular individual staff member. It is the responsibility of the staff member to ensure personal care & periodic interface with the parents. Hence such efforts are given primary importance to help the students overcome the issues of day to day living.


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