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Extra Curricular Activities

Quiz Club

Daily sessions of brain storming of members. With active participation, the club also organizes inter departmental quiz competitions periodically.

Music Club

Classical Music Club offers classes in classical music.

Western Music Club offers classes in western music & instruments like Guitar, Keyboard etc.

Drawing & Painting

This Club offers art classes on different paintings & sketching styles. It helps students to sharpen their skills in these fields.

Embroidery & Crafts

Classes are offered on the fine art of embroidery. The students are taught to make soft toys, knitting, pattern designing etc.

Dance Club

This offers opportunities for students to learn various forms of dances.

Creative Writing Club

This club offers opportunities for students to bring out their writing skills. The club holds regular creative writing competitions.

Sports Club

Development of a person is essentially based both on the physical & mental development. The avenues open here are numerous to suit the need & taste of each individual.

Drama Club

Dramatics, a wing of the department of English conducts drama sessions. The Club stages many plays and also prepares students for competitions.

Pottery club

Offers classes on the art of clay modeling. Also holds regular workshops by experts in this field

Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club in the College consists of around hundred members. The Rotary Club of Coimbatore Texcity sponsors the club.

The Club provides members an opportunity

  • To develop professional and leadership skills
  • To recognize the dignity and value of all useful occupation as a opportunity to serve.
  • To recognize, practice and promote ethical standards as leadership qualities and vocational responsibilities
  • To develop a knowledge and understanding of the needs, problems and opportunities in the community and world wide
  • To provide an opportunity for personal and group activities to serve the community ad promote international and goodwill among all people.


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