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B.Sc Computer Science

About the Course :

B.Sc Computer Science is a three year IT degree course. The department has highly qualified and experienced staff. This course is offered in this college from 1995 onwards. The department is equipped with high end computer labs with high speed broad band internet connections. Its association "INAUGHTS" conducts various seminars and workshops with resource people from reputed industries. "TORNADO" is an annual Intercollegiate symposium conducted by the department. The students are sent for Industrial training during their course time. The department prides itself of its past students being placed in reputed IT firms like IBM, Wipro, TCS, CTS, Polaris, Bosh etc.

Course content:

  • PC Software
  • Digital Electronics and Computer Fundamentals
  • Programming Languages - COBOL,C,C++,Java, VB etc.,
  • Computer System Architecture
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Software Engineering
  • Microprocessor Systems
  • PC hardware
  • Artificial Intelligence and Expert system
  • Data Mining
  • System Software
  • Computer Networks

Allied Subjects:

The students are taught Mathematics and Accountancy as their allied subjects.English and Part II Language are taught to the students as language subjects in the first year along with their core subject papers.


In the finale semister, students are required to work on a project as part of the curiculum. The student should submit a report of the same for Viva voce.

Student Feedback:

"BACAS is home. The support,encouragement and care from the faculty, and the lab facilities have made me confident and a perfect IT professional" - Ninu Elias - Final year student.


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