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There's nothing like home, but as there's a need for accommodation for the students during the course of study, the college runs separate hostels for boys and girls with adequate and hygienic food, at a reasonable cost.

The student representative are selected every year to assist the warden .Students are provided with common television with timings/programmes subject to the wardens concent . Students must be present at 7pm in the room for the roll call.

Self medication is not allowed and if any student is undergoing medical treatment ,the Management and the wardens must be informed of it at the time of admission.

Medical assistance is made available to the students in case of sickness.

Withdrawals will not be permitted during the course of study.

Boys Hostel

Girls Hostel



To improve the knowledge of the users by providing updated resources and high quality service.

The library has a stock ok 13,031 books in total on varied subjects and it also subscribes to around 91 periodicals and journals.

For the benefit of students, the library also keeps a stock of previous year's examination question papers and projects done by former students.

The current Content Service enables students to take copies of desired articles from archived magazines and journals.

The library is planning for total digitalization by which information will be available in the form of E – books.


Monday – Friday : 9.30 am – 6.00 pm

Saturday              : 9.00 am – 1.00 pm

Students' Service Centre

The Students' Service Centre operates on the basis that each individual is unique and different. It aims to align the individual's gifts and abilities to a vocation, which will be in line with these. In addition to sharpening the students' awareness to their abilities, they are also trained to enhance their adaptability to the industry needs. This is done by way of personal counseling, career guidance, and training programmes. The Centre assists students with information and guidance about higher studies.

  • Interview Handling Skills
  • Career & Training Placement
  • Personal Counseling
  • Career guidance
  • Higher Education counseling
  • Seminars & workshops.
  • Personality Development Sessions

We believe that each student is a treasure entrusted to our care for a while, and it is our duty to cherish & enrish, make them better , purer & tougher before they leave the portals pf this institution. The joy of seeing our students blossom & flourish is the ultimate matchless reward.


The College has a spacious canteen where students can get delicious food on a nominal rate. These facility is available on all college working days.

Canteen Outside View

Canteen Inside View


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