Bishop Appasamy School of Management Studies
A Welcome from the Chairman and Bishop - Rt.Rev. Timothy Ravinder

It is my pleasure and privilege to present you with CSI Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Science Coimbatore for its achievements, accomplishments and honours in the previous academic years. The past year has been won where we have taken a giant lead towards achieving our goal and aspiration . Our road to success can be attributed to a strong focus on achieving excellence in learning and enhancing the team strengths.

CSI Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Science has a reputation of constantly scaling new heights in the field of education ; expanding and exploring new horizons to achieve an all-inclusive growth as well as enabling and empowering our students to fulfil the present day requirements and challenges in the society. Our college honours the teaching skills and fulfils all criteria as per the requirements of the government institutions.

The strategic position of the college makes it even more convenient and gives greater access to the students.

We wish God’s abundant blessing and guidance to the Secretary, Principal , Teaching and non teaching staff who with dedication and commitment strive for the development of the institution.

We warmly welcome the students for this academic year.

With Many good wishes.


A Welcome from the Secretary - Shri.C.R.Roy Surendra.

I consider it my privilege to be associated with the CSI Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Science, popularly and affectionately called as BACAS as its Secretary. I express my gratitude and place on my record my thanks for this excellent opportunity provided to me by the Chairman and Bishop in Coimbatore of Church of South India , Coimbatore Diocese , Rt.Rev.Timothy Ravinder to be a member of the BACAS family. This college established in 1995 in a heritage site which is more than 125v years old has made giant strides and has come a long way in the past 19 years and is a shining precious stone in the crown of the CSI Coimbatore Diocese.BACAS is a pioneer in higher education and is a seat of higher learning for excellence. The alumni of BACAS have made a mark for themselves in their workplaces and are shining examples of excellent character and conduct and devotion to work. With the team of committed and self motivated teaching faculty and other supporting staff BACAS is well equipped and poised to enter a new academic year.

I wish them all success. I also take this opportunity to welcome the new entrants into the heritage campus of BACAS.


A Welcome from the Principal -Dr. Jemimah Winston

Greeting in the matchless name of our Lord God the almighty. Education empowers an individual to be a person of excellence in competence conscience and compassion. We impart holistic education by grooming the students to becoming great personalities and to place them in higher positions. We are able to achieve this with the vibrant team of dedicated and committed faculty members.

I wish all my students to grow in stature, wisdom and in favour with God and men. The outcome of education should bring laurels to institution, family, society and the nation at large. Bishop Appasamy College stands as testimony to this education not only India but also at international level.

“Let your Light so Shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven” Mathew 5: 16.

I wish God’s blessings upon the student community and the faculty of the college for an effective blessed and prosperous academic year.

Let us be lighted to lighten our world.

Vice PrincipalG.Paul Suthan

Education is the transfer of knowledge, skills and values from generation to generation. Higher education in specialized fields is a blessing to the Nation and its growth. We Endeavour in a small way to impart knowledge, skills and values at this institution and are proud of our image in the society during the past years.



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