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M.Phil. in English Literature & Language

About the Course :

Literature is permanent expression in words, of some thought or feeling or idea about life and the world. It holds a mirror up to nature, develops originally and makes one conscious of moral values. It provides a deep understanding of how human character and emotion are influenced by nature surroundings. It helps an individual develop into a “full man” tolerant, understanding and perhaps even wise.

Core Subjects:

  • Prose
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Shakespeare
  • Indian Writing in English
  • American Literature
  • Intensive Study of an Author
  • Indian Literature in English Translation

Allied Subjects:

  • Literary Forms
  • Social and Literacy History of England
  • History of English Literature
  • Literacy Criticism

Application Oriented Studies:

  • English for Mass Communication (Basic Journalism)
  • English for Competitive Examinations
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Communicative English

The dire need in the job placement sector today is proficiency in English. This course equips an individual with the refinement in languages which meets the demands of the contemporary world. The seminars and workshops and the Literary & Debating Association provides ample ground for the students to exobit talents and grow further.

Student feedback:

" Teachers are second parents - how true!. My faculty have been the guiding light, nurturing ethical values in me. Joyful faces, silly fights, Monday assemblies, Wednesday chapel services, intense academics, inter-collegiate exposure - indelible impressions of the BACAS family that enliven my heart, mind and soul!" - Karunashree -Final year student.


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