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Master of Social Work

Course Content :

MSW Programme prepares the students to build a career in social work. There is a number of promising career opportunities open for the post graduates in India and abroad in various areas like human resource management, labour welfare, industrial relation, industrial counseling, hospital social work, psychiatric social work, social research, rural and urban community development and administration of NGO’s .The candidate will be absorbed as HR managers, labour welfare officers, industrial Social Workers, psychiatric social workers, counselors, hospital administrator, project officers and project coordinators.

Programme Structure

The MSW Programme is of two year duration, organized in four semesters with specialization in

  • Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
  • Medical and Psychiatric Social work
  • Community Development

There are four courses in the first semester along with concurrent field work. The second semester has four courses including a special paper. In the third semester there are two special papers and two common papers. In the fourth semester, there are two special papers and one common paper apart from project work. Also the students undergo a block placement for duration of one month in reputed organization & institutions. The students are also offered in counselling, spreads over from semesters. The students are given opportunity in international students exchange programmes.

Program Objectives

Gives theoretical inputs on philosophy, values, methods, field and approaches of social work profession and human resource management.

Sentalizes the youth on various social issues by developing social awareness. Develops an insight into ones own self and the purpose of professional self in the helping profession. Develops professional skills and effective intervention Strategies.

Equips in research oriented conceptualization, analytical and interpersonal skills.


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