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Master of Social Work - M.S.W.

Course Content :

MSW Programme prepares the students to build a career in social work. There is a number of promising career opportunities open for the post graduates in India and abroad in various areas like human resource management, labour welfare, industrial relation, industrial counseling, hospital social work, psychiatric social work, social research, rural and urban community...

Master of Computer Application - MCA

Course Content :

Playing a part in creating technically proficient compute professionals, the department of Computer Sciene offes a three year post-graduate course comprising of six semesters.

Costume Design & Fashion - M.Sc.

Course Content :

This is a two year master degree course comprising of four semesters and is an extension of B.Sc., Costume Design and Fashion.

English Literature & Language - M.A.

About the Course :

A Masters Degree in English Language and Literatire offers a wide range of choices and enables students to meet the challenges of the Global world. Oppertunities are plenty for those with effective communiv\cation in English. the Masters degree programme enables the students to understand the strength and splendor of the language besides preparing the young minds to approch...

Master of Commerce - M.Com.

About the Course :

Master of Commerce is a post graduation degree course that comprises of four semesters. The department of commerce envisages the life time value of students by insipring the value of education, entrepreneutrial; skills, busness traits, leadership qualities and ethics.


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