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Bachelor of Social Work

About the Course :

Bachelor of Social Work is the initial degree course that aims at moulding socially comitted and professionally competent young social workers. This programme is spread over six semisters.

Objectives of BSW Programme:

Prepare young men and women at graduate level to take up social work as a profession.

Develop an in-depth knowledge and awareness to the social reality

Sensitize the youth about developmental and social issues.


Students are taken to social welfare / voluntary organisations. Students undergo an individual mini project in the fifth semister. The course includes practical field work , rural camps, block placement, documentation report and project work.

Student feedback:

"If I had the power to set the clock back. I would definetly rewind to the day I entered BACAS, to relive the wonderful time I had here, in terms of academics, culturals and serving the community through Outreach activities"- Fabin Netto- Final year student.


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